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We are GBM.We design, manufacture and service port equiment and custom lifting equipment for loading&unloading. We supply the entire package under your requirement.

  • Factory


    Our factory passed ISO9001 international quality management system, the product production process has advanced and perfect processing technology, from steel pretreatment, blanking, welding, to assembly, heat treatment, paint coating The entire product production process has strict process requirements and quality standards to ensure product production. All aspects of the process meet the process requirements and high quality standards.

  • Office


    Headquartered in the metropolis of Shanghai, GBM utilizes Shanghai's developed economic, financial, cultural, technological, information, transportation and other resources, and is also a symbol of the "quality" brand. GBM have in-depth cooperation with the four major banks to support different payment methods for customer projects. Now playing an important role as a bridge to develop international trade and export products around the world.

  • Team


    With the continuous growth of the company and the continuous enrichment of product lines, the number of our employees is also growing. In order to better serve our customers, GBM go from the front-end "technical Q&A" and "issue plan" of sales, to "quality inspection", "commissioning and installation" of production, "financial docking" and "shipping documents" of delivery, to the final "installation team" "After-sales department" of acceptance. All the departments set up are to serve customers more efficiently.


Your choice has enormous repercussions for your port’s productivity. This is why we have our golden rule: never compromise on quality & innovative technology on unique features.

About Us

GBM is an Integrated Solution Provider in the Port & Cement Extended Industry, with its own core technology and a focus on innovation.
Based on GBM’s expertise and technical qualifications,we provides complete solutions for the handling and storage of bulk cargo terminals, from the design, supply and subsequent technical services of cranes, hoppers, grab,conveyors,bagging machine with cost effective solutions at a short notice .
By extensive cooperation experience with Chinese design institute,and integrating and classifying high-quality supply chain system.GBM committed to the port of overall planning; front-end design; construction ;equipment provision for any of our valued customers.
Our “One-Stop Service” is aimed at meeting client’s requirements at minimal cost.

There is one word that captures our process, from tender to commissioning: personal. Our first step is a thorough analysis of your needs and desires.Then we will try our best to give solution for you.


In addition to high performance products, GBM provides reliable 24 months free maintenance global service& Engineers available to service overseas.That means we allow you to work safely and efficiently – even in extreme conditions.