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We are GBM.We design, manufacture and service port equiment and custom lifting equipment for loading&unloading. We supply the entire package under your requirement.

  • Hydraulic Grab

    Hydraulic Grab

    GBM electro hydraulic orange peel grabs are mainly used for grabbing heavy-duty bulk cargos (such as pig iron and heavy scrap steel). They have been widely used in ports, steel mills, and other occasions.

  • Hopper


    The hopper designed by our company is mainly used for loading and unloading coal slag, cement powder and iron powder, and can be designed according to the requirements of customers.

  • Crane&swivel spreader

    Crane&swivel spreader

    The deck crane and power swivel spreader is developed by our engineers.It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use the system. There is a separate control box with two controls: one to the left rotation and one to the right rotation. With joystick control, the cargo’s position can be convenient placement.


Your choice has enormous repercussions for your port’s productivity. This is why we have our golden rule: never compromise on quality & innovative technology on unique features.

About Us

GBM is the leading manufacturers of loading and unloading machines, specialized in port machinery, metallurgical machinery,such as:Grabs,Hopper,Container spreader, Clamps,Deck crane etc, Manufacturer of Marine Offshore Crane,Shore Crane,Mobile Harbor Crane,Ship Crane,Overhead Crane,etc.Besides the standard product range,GBM also develops unique solutions for specific situations and customer needs in material handling. DESIGN ADVANTAGE 1. Compact design 2. Small footprint 3. Easy access for periodic maintenance, service and repair

There is one word that captures our process, from tender to commissioning: personal. Our first step is a thorough analysis of your needs and desires.Then we will try our best to give solution for you.


In addition to high performance products, GBM provides reliable 24 months free maintenance global service& Engineers available to service overseas.That means we allow you to work safely and efficiently – even in extreme conditions.