Port dust collection hopper

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The port mobile hopper series from 20CBM-100CBM which is divided into two layers, because the lower hopper of the upper hopper is relatively large, the hopper is not easy to raise dust, the suction port of the dust collector is arranged in the middle of the two layers, and the upper and lower material ports are sealed and dusted with a pulse bag filter.

The Hopper designed by our company is mainly used for loading and unloading coal slag, cement powder and iron powder, and can be designed according to the requirements of customers. The dedusting device, electro-hydraulic door device and vibration feeding device can be installed on the funnel, which greatly improves the Handling efficiency. This equipment includes bagging machine, main support steel frame, gravity feed funnel, power distribution box, discharge chute, bag holder, pneumatic system and some optional devices such as dust collector, empty Presses, etc. Among them, the DCS bagging machine consists of feeders, weights, etc. This device is used for weighing and bagging various small particle materials such as grain, dried cassava, fertilizer, PVC powder, small pellet feed, etc. Small particles of ore, bauxite and so on.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    Main structure of port hopper :

    1 The port hopper is composed of a grid plate, a palatal opening and closing door, a gantry structure, a mobile wheel group, a high-pressure water pump station and a water pipe spray system, a ladder platform, an electrical control system and a remote control system.
    2 The hopper meets the requirements of loading and unloading operations for continuous production of three shifts a day at the port.
    3 The hopper has sufficient strength and rigidity, the effective volume of the funnel is about 50 cubic meters, and the size of the opening above the eco hopper is designed according to the capacity of the grab bucket.
    4 There is a grid plate and a vibrator at the entrance of the funnel to prevent large pieces of material from entering the hopper and causing material blockage.
    5 Remote control in the operating room, the operating range of the wireless remote control is ≥ 50m
    6 Considering the large dead weight of the hopper, a tractor towing scheme is adopted. The traction mechanism is simple and reasonable, with high strength, safety and reliability, convenient turning and simple operation.


    Advantages for GBM Eco-hopper:


    1.Extensive dust control features (Flex flaps, dust seals, dust control filters, air compressor)

    2.Multiple discharge options: to conveyor, to truck, via telescopic chute, through ancillary Material Feeder

    3.Multiple travel options: rail, static or pneumatic tyre mounted and powered and towable travel

    4.Increased safety features (level detectors, strain gauges, structurally designed to withstand overload to top of skirt)

    5.Robust design (top shroud, grab impact grill)

    6.Minimise escape of fugitive dust

    7.Fit to any onwards processing or logistics requirements

    8.Can be used on non-dedicated quays and moved off the area when not in use

    9.Flexible positioning to suit unloading vessel

    10.Ability to work with a wide variety of materials with differing characteristics


    Technical model for hopper

    No. Model Volume 


    Loading Weight (t) Hopper weight(t) Max. Total Weight(t) Unloading Capacity(t/h) Note
    001 HP40 40 60 16 80 600 1 outlet eco Hopper
    002 HP50 50 80 19 100 800
    003 HP60 60 100 21 125 1000
    004 HP70 70 120 25 145 1200
    005 HP80 80 140 27 170 1600
    006 HP100 100 160 30 190 2000
    007 HP60-2 60 200 33 235 2500
    008 HP70-2 70 120 27 150 2500 2 outlets eco Hopper
    009 HP80-2 80 140 30 170 2000
    010 HP100-2 100 160 33 195 3200


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