Rail Weighing Container Spreader Delivery

The GBM container telescopic function spreader with rotation head-block and put into use in Changsha, China. As a new generation of railway weighing spreaders, GBM has completed the challenge in short time once again .

The rated lifting capacity is 40.5 tons under the spreader and 45t under the hook, which can load and unload 20′ and 40′ containers respectively, and can be automatically retracted. Spreaders and hooks can be exchanged quickly,so the structural type of the spreader design is easy replacement.

Meanwhile the container spreader is equipped with a weighing system, the weighing accuracy is not less than 0.5%, and the overload and eccentric load limit functions are available. When the load under the spreader reaches the rated lifting load, the indicator light will show.When it reaches 110% of the rated lifting load, the sound and light will alarm at the same time, stop lifting, and only descen.

GBM’s cultivation in the field of spreaders has gradually been recognized by more and more owners, and is proud to create more value for users.

Rail Weighing Container Spreader Delivery1 Rail Weighing Container Spreader Delivery2 Rail Weighing Container Spreader Delivery3 Rail Weighing Container Spreader Delivery4

Post time: Sep-19-2022